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Is it worth getting Laser Hair Removal and is it painful?

Laser hair removal is becoming the best and most popular hair removal treatment because it is safe, long lasting and relatively affordable. It is a technique that uses laser technology to give you a long lasting solution against unwanted body hair. With only a few treatments, laser hair removal can give you the best results you only ever dreamt of with your waxing or shaving.

While many people are rushing to get this treatment, most have heard burning questions which they would like cleared before checking in for a laser hair removal session. We at the Hertfordshire laser hair removal clinic are committed to bringing the latest, safest, fastest and best laser hair removal technology so you can make an easy decision when it comes to choice.

Is it worth getting laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a long process compared to shaving or waxing because you will need several treatments to achieve the best results ( depending on speed of hair growth). However, while it might seem so, it is actually time-saving because when you complete your sessions, you won’t have to worry about that particular region for a very long term. On the other hand, shaving might take you some 15-20 minutes but after a month, you will need to repeat the same process over again, month on month, year on year.

To give you a clear perspective, here is why you should try using the Hertfordshire Laser Hair Removal Clinic:

  • The Elysion technology drastically reduces the growth of hair in targeted regions
  • For the hair removed, their folicles are permanently killed off.
  • You can use it anywhere on the body for maximum results
  • Less painful compared to waxing
  • Your skin is left smooth and hairless.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The general consensus is that laser hair removal is far less painful than waxing. The opinion of our expert technicians is that it really depends on an individual’s pain tolerance as well as the part of your body being targeted for laser hair removal. When asked if laser hair removal is painful, we tell our clients that they may experience mild discomfort on the treated areas. This will immediately subside.

If clients have a low pain threshold then they can ease any discomfort during the process by having some numbing cream applied upon request.

Should you want more information and to book a consultation at the Hertfordshire Laser Hair Removal Clinic, do call us now on 01707 662477 or email info@hertfordshirelaserhairremovalclinic.co.uk

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