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Transgender Hair Removal

Many people in the trans community find it more than necessary to control hair where it should and shouldn’t be. In fact, it is considered something of a gender-affirming act and not just a cosmetic preference. Being unable to remove unwanted hair either due to rules in prison or for any other reason can add to one’s distress. That is why transgender hair removal is now out in the open and a sort after treatments in salons and clinics such as BeauSynergy in Hertfordshire. We believe that making it available will improve a “trans” self-realisation and acceptance, something that goes a long way in ensuring the comfortability of transgender people.

Research has shown that body hair often becomes a huge problem to those transitioning to being women and it can continue to cause insecurities long after the beginning of the transitioning. The most problematic areas are usually the face and the chest. This is mainly because the growth of hair in these areas is difficult to conceal which can be distressing and even slow down the transitioning process significantly.


Consider Anti-androgens or Electrolysis?

Some may consider taking anti-androgens but this does nothing more than just thin out the hair. Ideally, the hair remains fully intact hence the need to consider other permanent solutions. The tradional Electrolysis has effectively had its day. It is a time consuming treatment, not the most reliable and is often not affordable to the masses.

Laser Hair Removal for Transgenders?

Clinics such as BeauSynergy now use state of the art laser hair removal on women and men, including transgenders. Being quick, painless and as such cheaper, the laser hair removal has now become the preferred option to remove 90% of the hair permanetly. The laser hair removal for transgenders could be used for the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, legs and fet. At BeauSynergy, the intimate areas are up for discussion.

transgender hair removal

Is Waxing a Solution for Transgenders?

Waxing is suitable for removing hair in most areas of your body such as the legs, buttocks, arms, legs, chest, bikini line, nipple, and back. Waxing removes hair from the root which is why it is effective for transgender hair removal. When hair is removed from the root, it will not grow back for at least 4 weeks. It can even take longer than 6 weeks before it grows back at the waxed area. There are also different types of waxing for getting rid of unwanted hair.

At the Hertfordshire beauty clinic, BeauSynergy  provide a range of waxing solutions including strip and stripless waxing . Both are quick, affordable and suitable to the transgender clients too. The type of waxing method can be discussed over the phone or on email whilst booking a treatment.

BeauSynergy can offer you the best transgender hair removal solutions at affordable costs and in an easy going but professional discreet environment. If you would like more information or would like to book an appointment please click here or call 01707 662477

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