Laser hair removal on legs – how long does it take?

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Laser hair removal on legs – how long does it take?

For ladies and sometimes gentlemen it is has become very common to have laser hair removal on the legs. The continual hassle of having to shave the legs or going to beauty salons to have them waxed, is fast becoming a thing of the past. When laser hair removal is used to get rid of unwanted hair on the legs,  a focused short pulse light energy beam is directed with pin point accuracy to the hair follicles beneath the skin. Any areas around the side of the hair follicles are kept cool at exactly the same time so no burning occurs on the skin.

The legs are one of the largest areas to treat and so treatment time can vary from 30 minutes to 45 minutes with the best lasers.  When it comes to the amount of treatments required, it is normally around 6 weeks depending on the hair growth cycle. Importantly, the hair on the legs do not grow all at the same time which means that at the time of the treatment, some of the hairs may be in a different growth cycle. As a result, not all hairs on the legs will be damaged by the laser treatment. This is the main reason a number of treatments are required. For each treatment you have, there will be fewer and fewer hairs to treat as the different hair growth cycles come to the surface.

After a course of 6 treatments of laser hair removal on your legs you should not need any more. For any new stray hairs that you find have grown or new follicles that have developed, you can remove them by shaving, waxing or a very quick laser treatment at a hair removal clinic such as the Herfordshire laser hair removal clinic.

The better the laser the less treatments are required

The better the laser the less treatments are required. What we mean by this is that, old types of treatment such as Electrolysis and IPL are outdated, relatively painful and slow. Older lasers or cheap unrecognised lasers are more painful, have longer treatment times and take more months to permanently remove a vast majority of the hair on areas such as the legs. It is therefore much more cost effective to find out whether you are being treated with top of the range lasers as ultimately they will be quicker, less painful and save you money.

If you would like more information on the best deals in laser hair removal for your legs or other areas of your body,  do get in touch with the Hertfordshire laser hair removal clinic

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