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Looking for laser hair removal in London or Hertfordshire?

Laser hair removal used to be the domain of the wealthy elite. Treatments were expensive and only a very limited number of fair skin/dark hair patients could be treated.


Not any more! Laser hair removal treatments have moved on considerably from the painful, limited-treatment option they used to be. Here at Hertfordshire Laser Hair Removal clinic (part of BeauSYNERGY), our advanced laser hair removal treatments can treat a wide range of skin and hair types – even some fair / blonde / ginger / red hair can now successfully be treated with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal can also be used to treat a number of areas – even intimate ones, or the delicate areas of the face, with minimal discomfort. laser hair removal treatments can mean an end to time-consuming and repetitive hair removal appointments – imagine never having to wax, shave or epilate again!

Enjoy big savings on our laser hair removal courses

We have the best price offers on laser hair removal, saving up to 40% with our special offer, when purchasing a course of treatments. Usually, no more than six treatments are required to ensure that the hair is completely treated and the areas remain hair-free. Having a course also remains the best cost alternative for the hair removal with laser.

Booking your hair removal treatment in Hertfordshire

First, we carry out a consultation and patch test, to ensure that both your skin and your hair is suitable for treatment. We will discuss a recommended treatment plan and talk through any questions you may have about the laser hair removal process. You will see for yourself at the patch test that laser hair removal is not painful and actually quite a comfortable treatment to have.

Our low-cost course deals, with a discount on the treatment package ensures we can offer some of the most competitively priced laser hair removal treatments in London and Hertfordshire. We advise a time of between 6-8 weeks between each treatment to ensure maximum effectiveness .

You can find most of the prices you need here – so now is the time to be hair free by summer! Call NOW on 01707 662477

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