Do you have to Shave for Laser Hair Removal?

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Do you have to Shave for Laser Hair Removal?

If you have done waxing before, then you will know that there are certain conditions your target hair should maintain for maximum results. The same applies to laser hair removal treatments. So when asked “do you have to shave for laser hair removal?”, we at the Hertfordshire Laser Hair Removal Clinic, will advise that you shave before going for your hair removal session. A 24-hour window is the appropriate time frame recommended by most experts.

Shaving before the session is a prerequisite because of the difficulty of going over areas where hair has grown above the skin surface. Similarly, hair with a rough stubble makes it harder for the laser machine to smoothly glide over. This could result in damages to the laser equipment hence increasing risk chances such as pigmentation or even burns.

Our new advanced laser hair removal treatment, using Elysion, is designed by combining dynamic mode operation and the amazing crystal freeze cooling which offers a painless treatment for maximum comfort.


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